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Pun Boleh
Music Video

If you want it, you can do it.

SonaOne and Alif’s feel good anthem urges its audience to live their lives to the fullest potential, seeding the thought that limitations are only set by one’s mind. 

To further compound this message, a cartoon-based direction was utilised where the duo travel through worlds and uplift them wherever they go.

Created By:
Eddie Edzuan & CWND Dien
Executive Producer:
Edwin Raj 
Character Design:
Background Design:
Awikhlulu & Ainabyla
Zaku-One, Khaleq Buang, Ammar Immabe, Kamilah Muna, Suhaimi Rosli, Idzham Mohd Don, Saiful Hakimi, Haritz Huzariq, Siti Aminah Maisarah
Post Animation:
Eddie Edzuan & Kaayrel

Watch the music video here.

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