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Music Video

A parable on the disparities between the oppressed and the oppressor, Joe Flizzow along with Azlan and The Typewriter touch on issues such as the lengths that the elite will go to to cling onto power to the importance of having guiding principles to not be corrupted by such desires.

The thirst for power never changes, as demonstrated to the audience via 3D recreations of power struggles stemming from thousands of years ago, and how little it has changed up until the present.

Zulamran Hilmi & Ian Djin Kai
Ian Djin Kai
Digital Artist:
Chong Yan Chuah
Hasif Hamid
Wardrobe & Styling:
Shahrin Bahar
Camera Operators:
Ashrafiqal Aleef & Azamul Ashraff

Watch the music video here.

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