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HP Mentorship Program
NFT & Video Production

33.3™ enters the NFT market with ‘’Noodie’, a series of animation created’ in partnership with HP’s Mentorship Program 2022. 33.3™ co-founder, Edwin Raj alongside Daniel Verapeen and Zee Avi led a group of talented mentees  to create 100 NFTs which are currently minted on NFTPangolin. Half of the proceeds from the NFT sales are donated to Kakiseni, an organization that promotes creative expression in all Malaysians, while the remaining half will be given to the mentees to kickstart their creative journey. 


‘Noodie’ was inspired by the beautiful bottom-dwelling Nudibranch species of shell-less mollusks (sea slug family) that inhabits coral reefs. The project aims to raise awareness on dying coral reefs due to local damages and climate changes, causing Nudibranch to be an endangered species of the ocean.

Watch video here.

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