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Bulan Bintang Fashion Show
Bulan Bintang
Drone Light Show

With a fleet of 350 drones certified by The Malaysian Book of Records, Bulan Bintang made history for “The Most Drones Used In A Light Show”. This makes them the first Malaysian company with this achievement.

The visuals tell a story of Bulan Bintang’s journey since its inception. The result was a stunning display of light, colour and movement that mesmerized and earned the admiration of the audience. The drones by our partners, SKYMAGIC was synchronized with music and narrative, creating an immersive experience that was both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

Through the drone light show, the brand achieved a rewarding return on investment on their marketing efforts. The show generated widespread buzz and attention, boosting the visibility of the brand and attracting new customers. This reinforced the brand’s image, setting them apart from their competitors and positioning them as a trendsetter in the industry. 

Project Director:
Edwin Raj
Creative Director:
Zulamran Hilmi
Multimedia Designer:
Azrol Syakirin
Associate Producer:
Aainaa Puteh
Production Assistant:
Site Build & Operations:
Head of Visual Observation:
Adam Nizam
Visual Observers:
Brand New Waves
Airbase & Security Manager:
Chris Chew, Zaaim Hariz, Jun Hao & Justin Tan
Takeemgraphy, Meor Syahmi, Die Shuhainie, Abdul Rauf, Zaidi, Muhammad Azim
Production Interns:
Daniel Kenny & Talha Ozair 

Watch the drone show here.

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