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Waktu Tiba
Animated Music Video

Chracterised in a cheeky, cartoonish style, Indonesian rapper Ariel Nayaka quickly realises that there’s no way out from his love interest in his MV, ‘Waktu Tiba.’

To bring this vision into life, we designed a world befitting the tropical theme of the song while staying true to the geographical and architectural background of Bali, with Ariel’s character reflecting his fashion sense and personality.

Eddie Edzuan
Executive Producer:
Edwin Raj
Character Design:
Cwnd Dien
Background Design:
Cwnd Dien & Awikhlulu
Zakwan Hadi, Mohd Khaleq & Ammar Immabe
Post Animation:
Eddie Edzuan
Artboard 1-100

Watch the music video here.

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